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12. 22. 09 / rosemarried

an introduction.

At last, here we are.
My very own food blog.

I am not starting this blog with any pretenses that anyone will actually read this little blog. To be honest, I am starting this blog for myself (and possibly for my mom, who will be my #1 reader).

I don’t have any delusions of a book deal, a movie (ahem…Julie & Julia), or anything of that nature. I just want a place where I can share about my culinary adventures – the good, the bad, and the ugly.

So, I am writing this because I happen to love cooking. A lot.

I also love my city: Portland, Oregon. And I love all the things it means to be a cook in Portland. The ability to grow food, to support local food (and food-growers), to cook seasonally, and learn what it is to practice slow food. People in Portland are so conscious of how they eat, how they cook, and most importantly – how they live. I am learning to be responsible, to think about the impact my actions have, and how to be a steward of the earth and all the resources God has so graciously given us. I can’t say that I have it figured out yet, but I am committed to trying. And I think that is a good place to start.

And, lastly, my inspiration for writing and cooking (and writing about cooking!) is my amazing husband. He inspires me to create beautiful and delicious things, and at the same time he inspires me to think about the how’s and the why’s of cooking. He challenges me to try new things, to conquer difficult recipes, and to master unfamiliar ingredients. And, he also happens to be a whiz in the kitchen. He is the love of my life, my best friend, my favorite sous chef (or should I say, I am his favorite sous chef?), and he happily devours whatever food put in front of him. What more could I ask for?

It is for these reasons that I am starting this blog: Rosemarried: Seasonal, Local, and In Love.

I do hope that you can learn alongside of me in this culinary journey.
p.s. In case you are curious about the blog’s name…Rosemary is my absolute favorite herb/seasoning/spice/flavor/scent. I may even have a Rosemary sprig tattooed on my right arm…

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