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First and foremost, I must give all credit to Nich for this idea. He was thumbing through one of my new favorite cookbooks – Jam It, Pickle it, Cure It – in order to teach himself how to cure (and smoke) bacon. While perusing the book, he also stumbled across a recipe for homemade butter. And so, while I was at work yesterday, dreaming about the delicious dinner I was going to make (Lentil and Sweet Potato Soup with Bacon and Cilantro…but I’ll post on that later), I get a text message from my eager husband.

Nich: “I want to make butter!”

Which is not a text you get every day. Or ever, really.

Me: “Ok. When?”

Nich: “Tonight!”

And, who am I to argue with my husband wanting to make butter? So it was settled. Butter-making was in the cards.

So, Nich trotted off to the store and picked himself up a container of heaving whipping cream. He poured it into a large mason jar, screwed the lid on tight, and started shaking. Much to his delight, the Trailblazers were on TV and so he sat for a quarter of the game (near 30 minutes) and shook that mason jar full of cream. I don’t know what I expected, but I don’t think I expected it to be awesome.

But, 30 minutes of shaking…and well, the end result was awesome.

Nich opened the jar and poured off the liquids (the “buttermilk”) into a small container. When he was finished pouring off the liquid, there was a good amount of solid fat left in the mason jar. That fat is the delicious substance we like to call…BUTTER.

There is no point, really, in posting an official recipe. Basically…you take heavy cream (aka heavy whipping cream) and shake it in an airtight container for approx 30 minutes (or less). It will thicken as you shake it – eventually looking like whipped cream (but keep shaking!) – and eventually the whipped cream will break and the liquids will separate from the solids. Once this has happened, shake for another minute or two, and then pour off the liquid (buttermilk) and voila! You have butter. The butter we made is very light and creamy in texture (akin to a ‘whipped butter’), but it hardens up a bit after you chill it. Also, depending on if you prefer salted or unsalted butter, you can add a little salt to it at this point (mmmm, yes please. Love salt.).

We spread our homemade butter on homemade bread and ate insanely good soup and the night was a success. I feel like Little House on the Prairie overe here. Butter! I’m just so enamored.

*Brief note: I haven’t decided if making butter is cost effective, so I don’t know if this is something I’ll do all the time. Heavy cream costs about as much as butter in the store, and this requires work. But its not very much work, and you feel really cool when you say that you made your own butter. And, it does taste marvellous. So, decide for yourselves if its worth it.


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  1. myste / Jan 23 2010 8:48 pm

    all you need is love. and butter.

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