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2. 19. 10 / rosemarried

day 3 of Lent.

You want to know something funny? I’m 3 days into Lent and the only thing that is really throwing me for a loop is the lack of cream in my coffee. I live for that little dollop of half and half that graces my 8 oz. Americano every morning. I’m sorry to all you purists out there, but black coffee just isn’t that interesting to me.

For the first night of Lent (Wednesday) I was feeling adventurous and made a Butternut Squash and Apple Soup. The soup was good, but it wasn’t great. I’ve made a version of this soup before, but the previous version of the soup had a bit of heavy cream in it. Also, I didn’t put an apple in the soup last time. Maybe it was this combo (adding the apple, taking away the cream), but I just wasn’t that into it. It was too tart. I think the cream makes all the difference! That being said, the soup was fine, but I think my tastebuds are so used to the richness that a dairy element adds. The soup had a little spice (lemon curry powder and cayenne), some earthiness (thyme and rosemary), and the veggies (squash, garlic, onion) had really great flavor because I roasted them prior to boiling them down into a soup. Maybe next time I’ll try a little coconut milk for a hint of creaminess? The soup wasn’t a disaster by any means (and Nich ate it happily with some of the fresh bread I had just baked), but I want to make it again before I post it here.

I will perfect the dairy-less squash soup if it kills me. 🙂

In other news, the sun is shining and I am going to the Trailblazers game tonight. Happy Friday, indeed.


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  1. myste / Feb 21 2010 11:54 am

    i have found that half a can of coconut milk will help cream up most soups and add a very desirable flavor, i like to add it with a little bit of curry or ginger to my soups! I have a vegan corn chowder recipe made like this if you are interested.

    also, minestrone is another good dairy free (if you can restrain yourself from sprinkling parmesean all over it) soup that is quite hearty these chilly evenings!

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