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5. 27. 11 / rosemarried

Northern California: Snapshots

This past week, I went on vacation.

The purpose of my trip was to visit a few old friends in various parts of Northern California. Specifically, friends who have had babies recently. The babies needed to meet their aunt Lindsay!

My first stop was in Placerville, CA. I stayed with my best friend from high school, Abbie, and her darling family. We reminisced about the good old days, caught up on recent years, and I fell in love with her children. They are really quite cute.

Abbie and I managed to squeeze in a girl day, sans children, and ran about town and pampered ourselves.

We ate In-N-Out: Cheeseburger, Animal style.

We got pedicures.

We watched a really, really bad chick flick.

And, later, we met up with Abbie’s husband for dinner at a local cafe, where we drank delicious wine and ate fantastic food.

After my short (but sweet!) visit with Abbie, I set sail for San Fransisco. Except, I didn’t really set sail. Rather, I chose the more glamorous travel option, and took a Greyhound bus from Sacramento to San Fransisco. When I went to purchase the tickets, the husband expressed a little bit of concern for my welfare as I navigated the bus system on my own in Northern California. I told him that it was fine. I am a seasoned traveler, after all.

I found out the hard way that the husband was right. Thankfully, I wasn’t in any real danger, I just had a series of unfortunate (and stressful) events. So what exactly happened, you ask? I found out my bus was going to be an hour late, so I locked my bags in a locker in order to escape the stuffy, overcrowded bus station and get an iced coffee. When I arrived back at the station, I was pleased to find that my bus had just arrived and would be boarding shortly. I went to retrieve my bags from the locker…and the locker didn’t work. It just would not open. I asked a security guard for help, who referred me to the baggage counter. Conveniently, no one was working at the baggage counter (!). I proceeded to run around the overcrowded and understaffed bus station like a crazy person, trying desperately to find someone to help me. Several minutes (and several tears) later, I finally found someone to help me. My baggage was freed from the faulty locker and I made on the bus (just barely). I was the last person on board.

Nevertheless, I finally made it to San Francisco in one piece (and with all my bags!). I was in town with the purpose of spending time my college besty, Becca, who just had a baby girl last month.

Immediately after Becca picked me up from the bus station, we headed straight to Tartine Bakery. We ordered the (large) Strawberry Bread Pudding.

Oh, and we ordered something with bread and cheese and asparagus and spicy pickled carrots. It was amazing.

The next day, we ventured into the heart of the city to visit the legendary San Francisco Farmer’s Market at the Ferry building. Being the Oregonian that I am, I was in pure shock that they had cherries available (for only $7/pound!). Oh, the glories of California…

I tried raw oysters for the first time in my life, and I was not disappointed. They were incredible.

Overall, I had a lovely trip. I got to see old friends, visit a couple of beautiful cities, and ate a lot of good food. I apologize for the lack of blog posts, but as you can see, I’ve been running around Northern California (and thoroughly enjoying myself).

Happy Friday everyone!


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  1. katvetrano / May 27 2011 6:26 am

    Oysters, In & Out, and SF! Sounds like my childhood-now I’m homesick:) Glad you had fun!

  2. Banana Wonder / May 27 2011 6:52 am

    good stuff! are you hipstomaticizing is some of these pics? they are great.

  3. Mari / May 27 2011 8:39 am

    Oh, I’ve missed you so (in my head that sounds like a little song)! Welcome back, glad you had a wonderful trip despite the bus station stress. OY! I want whatever that asparagus cheesy bread thing is. Wow…delish. I also want to see you tonight for Sushi so hopefully you’ll get your garage sale tagging done. Looourrrvvvee you Linds.

  4. Beth Michelle / May 29 2011 7:20 am

    Beautiful pictures!! That bread with cheese and asparagus looks sooo good!! Glad you had a nice trip! Its always nice to see old friends.

  5. Kelsey (Happyolks) / May 29 2011 1:57 pm

    Love it! I’m originally from a little town outside of Auburn, very near Placerville. And…. um… that Strawberry Bread Pudding looks phenomenal!

  6. sarah / May 30 2011 7:14 pm

    What a fun trip! I like that we’ve both been getting our fair share of oysters lately!!

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